Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A bajillion pictures of Charlotte and some sad news

Everyday we see Charlotte she seems to be catching on to more and more things. She now reaches for people (so far just me and Peter), she suffers from Stranger Danger, and is attempted to get around on her tummy. She also loves to hear herself whine!

On to the sad news. Charlotte is loving on our little kitty in this picture, and she loved to grab a fistful of his fur whenever she was close to him. The sad news is that Cosmo went to the Human Society today, after over a year of accidents and puking. I cried the whole way home.
Good news is--our baby has a nice clean house. And she won't get smothered in her sleep by the cat! Here she is startled by the camera.
Loving on her exersaucer.
Loving on her Sophie and barely fitting in her 3-6 month dress.
Playtime with daddy.
We are suckers for her smile.

Getting mad at the camera.
The only way we can tempt her with tummy time--letting her go for a phone.

Finally, a cute video of some late night giggles.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feels like--1 Degree

I don't know how the weather has been in your neck of the woods lately, but if you are any of the 30 states near us it has probably been not so fun.
On the days when Charlotte and I are feeling brave enough to venture outside, I check the weather to see how we should dress. The message that usually shows up, no matter what the temperature? Feels like--1 degree. It has also snowed approximately every day this winter. (okay, not really, but it seems like it).

There are some things that make the cold tolerable--My sweet husband who loves his job here lets me keep the thermostat at a nice warm 70 degrees, I can snuggle with my warm little baby without getting hot, we currently live in an apartment complex that shovels and salts the sidewalks for us, and my great mother-in-law picks me up to take me places when I don't want to drive on the icy roads.
Another fun thing: the Fire and Ice fest in downtown Rochester, complete with fireworks.

Have you ever seen fireworks in the snow? It is a beautiful thing. It am secretly obsessed with fireworks and it was worth standing in the snow--especially since Peter took me for amazing hazelnut hot chocolate afterwards.

Just a cute pic of Lottie that I wanted to throw in--she is chewing on her fun play mat (thanks dad!). Like these toys, she's been trying to gum everything, including the cat.