Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ocean Isle

My family had the amazing opportunity this June to meet up with my brother's family and my sister's family in a beach house for a week in Ocean Isle, NC. It was SO MUCH FUN! We got to beach bum it most days, go to fun aquariums, laugh at each other's sunburns, and stay up late playing games. We even got to weather out a hurricane warning (not so much fun!). I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or us. 

Somehow I uploaded not the best pics, but since my computer is as slow as a snail, I am just going to deal with it. 

Auntie Lisa and Uncle Dustin were always the most fun!

And they also shared their snacks with the babies. Needless to say they may be the favorites. 

Yes, we made the kids get together for group shots on every occasion possible. They hated it. 

Charlotte loved Taylor so much and stayed by her as much as possible.

And Chase played back-seat driver to Clara.

Everyday Dustin would dig us an enormous baby pool in the sand. 

I miss everyone so much!
On the way back we got to stop by and see my grandpa for a couple of hours before the 12 hr drive back :/. We did get to drive by the town we lived when we were first married; Fairfax, VA. Crazy to think where 6 yrs have taken us!