Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hawaii: Take 1--Things Peter Caught

So my spry, handsome husband and I went to Hawaii for a babymoon/anniversary trip. And while I managed to lose many things, he managed to catch many more. So we just about evened out.
In this picture he is "catching" a miniature horse with one of my many snacks that I brought with us. Hopefully he likes fiber one bars! It was super random to see this horse on the Road to Hana and we also bought some amazing banana bread on this stop. (this was not shared with the horse)

On our last day, we went to the beautiful island of Lanai where we saw the funniest crabs that could only run sideways. Probably the funniest thing ever was watching Peter and these crabs dance around while he tried to catch them. As you can see in the picture, this guy isn't too happy and about 5 seconds after this picture gave Peter a good pinch.

During some snorkeling (after I lost my snorkel set for the 2nd time in a wave, only to have Peter recover it shortly thereafter) he found a rock with a few sea urchins in it. I think we both also lost our sunglasses on this beach in a wave, but found those as well.

By far the scariest thing that Peter caught was Herpies in the eye. Yup, herpies. So after some pain, an eyepatch, and an emergency room visit, his infection started to get better and he is now 100%.

Near where we were staying was Iao Valley, which had a need lava needle that was previously used by warriors to watch for enemies. Just as cool as the lava needle was the dozens of chickens running all over. Which, of course, we chased like crazy.

Also on the Road to Hana we caught some delicious bananas covered with spiders. Yummy!

More to come on our trip later, but it was such a blast.