Monday, March 29, 2010

Austin, TX

So Peter and I were feeling spontaneous the other weekend, and it was nice weather, so we took a road trip in the miata (yes, with the top down) to Austin. Since we have been Texans for almost a year now, I guess it was time to visit the capital.

This is us in front of some of the beautiful buildings at University of Texas. It is a really cool and huge campus--stretched out a lot further than BYU but with a lot less stairs.
We actually had to take this picture quite a few times because Peter kept saying I was doing a "fake smile". (probably true, i am no good at pictures) I'm sure all the college kids thought we were nuts.

Peter has recently cut his hair, so it is good we have this shot to remember it! We went to a restaurant called the Oasis that sits over Lake Travis and in the evenings there is the most gorgeous view of the sunset.
Another at the same place . . .
Our Kayak adventure (not sure which river/lake) where Peter did almost entirely all the paddling. (pregnant ladies shouldn't exert themselves too much, haha)
Some turtles that we scared while kayaking
This statue was funny, because Peter goes, "That is a fierce looking lady." I look at the name plate and it is a statue of Stephen Austin. Whoops! You can't help but admire his curls, though.
A shot of the inside of the capitol building. I have never seen so many Texas stars in my life! And did you know that Texas is the only state where they are allowed to fly the state flag as high as the nation's flag?
An outside shot of the capitol on the beautiful spring day that it was.


Most of you probably already know, but I am with child. And we are so excited! So excited in fact, that when we went out and bought a bedroom set for said child (we got a killer deal), we stayed up until 1 putting it together that night.
Or more correctly, I attempted to help and made a mess while Peter put the furniture together. But it is great! It is the first official thing we have bought for the baby and now I can't wait to put little clothes in the drawers and little diapers on the shelves.
Our crib, currently bedding-less.
Hooray for babies!


Peter is possibly the best husband ever and he decided to throw me a birthday party and go to the karaoke in korea town. He also decided to sport a sweet middle part with some of our friends. So hot right? The man in the middle, Hugh, looks a lot like mugatu from Zoolander!
The part Peter let me help with was the frosting for the cupcakes. (He made the cake part). It was a delicious strawberry and yes, those are mustache toppers. Those were so the people who didn't come dressed up (it was 80s themed) could at least have a sweet 80s 'stache.
Here is Peter, looking very nonchalant and at ease with blonde hair.
This is Caitlin (Hugh's wife) and McKenna. They win at life with costumes.
This color top goes especially well with facial hair, don't you think?

After desserts, we karaoked and it was one of the funniest things ever. I think even the fetus enjoyed him/herself.