Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes, it's been forever!

Due to pregnancy and sleeping a lot, I haven't updated you all on the awesomeness of Charlotte! So here are some cute pictures from the past few months . .

We got invited to go to an awesome pumpkin patch and they had the best baby goats in their petting zoo!
Our Halloween party--Peter is the whomping willow, I am Harry Potter, and Charlotte is an owl. Our friend made the amazing backdrop out of a sheet!
Lottie happy with her trick or treating loot--this is after we let her eat a pack of her M & Ms.
My two faves ready for church. (Thanks to Dustin and Lisa for the darling coat--it still fits from last year!)
One of our absolute favorite families came to visit for Thanksgiving. It was so fun and we love love love their new baby Chase.
The cousins had fun being buddies all weekend.
And someone is not too fond of Santa. Hopefully we will get a better picture soon . .
In some current news . .

Our little Lottster went to her 15 month check up today. Some funny facts--she has grown 3 inches in the last 3 months which would explain her eating more than her body weight every day, she is still in the 20th percentile for her weight, and is in the 95th percentile for head circumference. How she manages to walk without falling forward on that huge noggin, I do not know.
The doctor and I also talked about any accomplishments she has made or any worries I have.
First the accomplishments:
She can do the sounds for a cat, dog, lion, dinosaur, elephant, cow, snake (kind of, out of her nose mostly), monkey, and we find out more everyday.
She says mama, dada, papa, squirrel, and snack.
She plays peekaboo and head shoulders knees and toes.
She will give us a goofy smile on demand! (we will try and post video of this soon!)

She likes to bang her head against the wall (I was assured this was pretty normal)
She is hungry 24/7--explained by how much she has grown!

All in all she is a healthy happy toddler and we are so lucky to have her.