Monday, September 7, 2009

14 to 13. Enough said.

Time to do some re-ranking!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peter got a new toy! and other happenings of our lives

Check out that smile!
So technically, this is not a toy, more another form of transportation. But it is so fun! It is a KYMCO People S-200 (i think? if you want to know more about it ask him). We even drove it to church the other day and had awesome hair when we arrived.
As you can see from this picture, it is sweet blue color and has a nice spot in the back for yours truly to sit. (or i guess other people, but it looks pretty funny when he has his buddy's on the back)

In other news, Peter is doing great at work with the insurance stuff and got 110% of his goal last month. What a stud. All while I work my 12 hrs a week -- still looking for a job that is in my field.
Other new changes to our family include Cosmo having to go to the vet, where they told me he weighs 13.6 lbs! What a cow. We thought he had a urinary tract infection (something any girl can sympathize with) and I got to collect a urine sample, but for all that, he is fine.
I dyed my hair back to its "natural" color, meaning it is really dark but will probably fade, and as you can see by the pic, we are getting reading for the football game today. BYU is playing Oklahoma University and while they will probably get stomped, we will still go and support. It is the first game in the new cowboy stadium and it will be fun to root on our alma mater.