Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our favorite girl . . and soon to be our favorite two girls!

Christmas was amazing! Peter got over a week off from work and Charlotte and I got so spoiled with all the time with him. Every morning she woke up and would immediately call for Dada.
Also, Caitlin and her husband Jason were here for two weeks and she love love loved playing with them. We had the best time with them.
We also got to all go to the ultrasound to tell the baby's sex! And most of us were wrong in our guesses, but Peter was right again! Another sweet little girl. I am so excited that Charlotte gets to have a sister because anybody that knows me knows how much I love my sister and I love that C will have an Amanda of her own. (we do of course want a boy eventually, but we can try for one later!)
Here she is!

Just a funny video of sis (what we like to call Charlotte) going to town on her toys.

Also, some pics from Christmas!

Guess who wasn't a huge fan of Santa?
Consolation lunch after.
Christmas morning at our house complete with a goofy smile.
And Christmas at the grandparent's house. She spent most of the day pouncing on this bear.