Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Charlotte turned 1!

More pictures and fun to come later, but for now here is the absolute cutest video we have of her to date:

Love it!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our House!

It is official! After many months of waiting, Peter and I are proud homeowners! We had put our offer in back in February or January and that is also one of the last times we had been inside the house before closing . . . so I was a little nervous. But other than massive greenery in the front everything was as we remembered it.
Here is the side view where we have enough trees to block any sort of neighbor:
The front of the house--so beautiful! We are excited to see what it looks like when we cut some of the bushes back and take a couple of the trees out.
A front view from the street:
Our back yard! By far the selling point of the house. Right where those trees start there is land owned by the city that includes a fun trail and an open field where we always see tons of deer.
The day we closed on the house!
Now the before pictures of the inside of the house. This is our family room/dining room. Don't you just love the oak trim everywhere? Haha.
Kitchen--some sweet linoleum and wall paper border.
Our front entrance. Again, don't you love all the oak?? And some more awesome wallpaper.
Another view of the kitchen . .
Our living room,
Guest bedroom
Guest bath and my helpers
Master bedroom--still can't figure out their placement of the fan? But it is humangous! I still feel like I will get lost in there.
Master bathroom. Super sweet wallpaper. Still haven't figured out what to do in here . .
Charlotte's room
Upstairs playroom
View from upstairs hallway
Stay tuned for some of the pictures of the after . . .