Monday, July 26, 2010

Yet another attempt at a second car . . .

We haven't had the best luck in the transportation department, what with the scooter being stolen and the miata being totaled, but we thought we'd give it another go.
Rather than get another two seater, Peter found me the best mom car ever! We feel like we are on our way to being grown ups now, purchasing something like this. But it is such a cute car and we both love it.

It is a 2006 Ford Escape in just about perfect condition. I think baby Andrew will appreciate it.

The miata has gone the way of all the earth

Tragedy has struck our family, in that Peter's baby is totaled. He went on a ride with a friend after church and next thing he knew, the car was upside down next to a park. It started with catching some air on a dip in the road, which then sent the car wild. It got sideways and hit a pole, and then a fire hydrant, which eventually flipped them. While both the driver and Peter survived with hardly a scratch (we are counting our blessings), our little miata did not. Peter called me to come pick him up and this is the sight I saw when I arrived.

As you can see, the car is now a pancake. In the next picture you can see how far the fire hydrant was dragged. Kind of surprising that no water gushed out! Also, the city was nice enough to send a bill to our insurance to fix it.

Here you can see how the windshield just completed bent but provided just enough of a cushion for the boys to get out. Peter was able to get out by himself but the driver had a hard time getting his seatbelt undone and was cut out by the fire department.

And finally, the car after the tow guy flipped it.

It is really sad to see this car go but we are so grateful Peter was safe and watched over!