Sunday, April 29, 2012

The zoo!

Peter had Good Friday off (another perk of the auto industry!) and we decided to take advantage of the good weather and take a trip to the zoo. Apparently the entire rest of Michigan felt the same way and we ended up parking on the grass at the zoo as the parking lot was too full to hold everyone!

We met our friends the Seibolds there and Charlotte was soooo excited to see their oldest little boy, Jax. 

Here she is on the way. She made elephant noises the whole time we were driving there.

And here's where we found out the elephants were traded for rhinos. Lame. 

But still excited to go inside the reptile exhibit!

Peeking at the giant crocodile. 

 So happy to be with her little boyfriend Jax. They are so cute together!

Love, love, love. 

On the way home after a very fun day!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Randomness and some Easter

Once again, it has been forever. In our rush to get all things done before the baby arrives (yeah, I don't think that is happening), I have been a total slacker. A little over a month to go and we will have a new little lady in the house! Peter and I both decided tonight that we are not ready by any means . . . but we do have the furniture ready thanks to his late nights of work. Once the nursery is set up all the way I will take some pics!

Anyways, on to Easter.

Charlotte, very happy to see her Easter basket! And just as happy to be with her Daddy.
While getting breakfast ready, we both noticed we hadn't seen Charlotte in a while. We found her eating a peep (she still keeps asking for "rabbits rabbits!") snuggled with her bear.
Enjoying her hoppy toy.
Ready for church!

And here are just some random cute pictures of what she has been up to.

This is partly how we keep her entertained during church. :) Sometimes that first hour can seem extra long . . .
She is saying so many fun things now and knows how to say and pick out most of her colors. She also learned how to say burp and toot (thanks daddy) and lots of other funny words. Most of the time we aren't quite sure what she's saying, but she tries.