Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yes, it's been a while.

In between the holidays, going out of town, and working on the house I kind of forgot about this blog. So here is what has been going on with us:
Clara can't quite crawl yet but she really likes going around in circles and backwards. She also has 4 teeth and has this great jack o lantern thing going on.
Charlotte is a chatterbox and still loves her sister. Her daddy taught her to use potty words so anytime we call him on the phone she says "Poopy stinky Mater(from cars) bottom daddy stinky poop monkey joes." It's pretty entertaining. 
And here is the proof that they are still alive and well:

Charlotte loving her new dress.

Pumpking carving!

Squishy pumpkin.

Charlotte's favorite face to make when the camera is out.

Pretty much the most content baby ever. 

Unless we go see Santa.

Fun Christmas tent!

Sadly, I don't have a good pic of the full on costume, but this is the gist of it.