Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Partayyyyyy in Michigan!

So the real reason we had Clara was to make it imperative that family come visit us. Okay, not completely, but it is definitely a perk :). Between all the visits, a week at High Adventure and a week in Brazil for Peter, plus some random trips to the hospital, we have been crazy busy! So here are some of the highlights . . 

Nana and Papa just left this last week--we had tons of fun at an art festival and eating delicious food. 
 A trip to the park . . . the ducks got a little close for Charlotte's taste. 

 And guess who slept through most of everything? She is probably one of the most chill babies we have ever met. 
 Charlotte really likes to help bathe Clara by dumping water on her in the tub. :)
 Blessing day. 
 Even Amanda and her boys got to come visit! 
 David and Chase hanging out.
 Whether they like it or not, they will be best friends. 
 And of course, if Grandma is holding Clara, Charlotte must be on her lap too.

We have been so blessed with such sweet girlies and are enjoying every minute of it. We have never been so busy in our lives, but it is a pleasure every day.