Saturday, June 9, 2012


Our sweet Clara Mae decided to join our family on the 17th of May, at 12:20 pm. After having contractions all night, Peter got up for work and instead took me to the hospital! Another couple of painful hours later, I got my epidural and we took a nap. My nurse midwife came in to chat and left to get the tools to break my water and while she was gone, it broke by itself. Probably the funniest feeling I have ever felt. 4 pushes later and she was here!
Right away she was a great screamer! 

Back at home, Charlotte can't be too far from her sister. She is always giving Clara big hugs and trying to hold her. 

Charlotte can hardly bear when Clara cries during tummy time and tries to comfort her. (And I try to keep her from smooshing her little sis)
So far all is going well with our family of 4 and it will be fun to see what personality little Clara has.