Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teeth, Walking, and all sorts of big girl achievements

I think I will still always call our little Lottie a baby, although I fear she is encroaching upon toddler territory. In the last 2 weeks, our sweet baby has gotten four teeth, has taken her first few steps, and has gotten quite a bit of hair. She is like a whole new person!
For further proof, here is a video of some of her activities:

We are having so much fun every day with her and amazed at the little person she is becoming.
The one thing I would like her to learn--to say mama. She just says dada all day long :)

The Wedding San Francisco

Earlier in June, the whole Andrew family made the trek to San Francisco for a beautiful wedding. Peter's sister, Meridith, married an awesome guy (Kevin) from there and it was a perfect day. It was so much fun to have so much family there and to have an excuse to party it up. We are also lucky enough that they came to Michigan for an internship and we get to hang out with them all the time!
Here is Meridith and two of the little flower girls . .
The bride's side of the family:
I LOVE this face. Okay, both of these faces.
Overlooking the city from the Oakland temple.
That night there was a fun dinner at an amazing golf course and the photographer took these beautiful shots of Lottie.

So pretty much we owe her big time.

We spent a few more days enjoying the city and here we are at the bay. We went to Alcatraz (which I kept calling Azkaban, whoops!), road the trolley, ate some delicious mexican food, and Charlotte even had fun by somehow ending up in the hotel bed with us every night.