Friday, November 20, 2009

October activities. And yes I realize it is December.

So I have sucked keeping our blog up to date, but I just got a new job so will blame it on that. And with that introduction, here is . . . The Halloween Armadillo!!!
Still not sure why he was in downtown. Also, the little girl randomly came up and took the picture with us, so no, she is not my illegitimate child.
Next up was the cutest thing ever, and Peter and I decided taking a picture from the back would be best rather than creep his mother out.
He was Nemo, and with every step he took, his little fins and tail wiggled. To die for!
Next is our adventure in caramel apple making, which was messy but delicious. Here is my attempt:
And Peter's:
And this is my "i am trying to be sweet but hurry up" face.
And one last look at Halloween, at our good friend the Tanner's house. I was Lady Gaga, and Peter was a bumblebee. The next night we went out to the club The Glass Cactus and they had Spinderella (a sweet DJ) there. It was awesome!