Monday, July 20, 2009

You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.

Or so says Davy Crockett.

Other amusing things from Texas so far:

There are hooters, twin peaks (same thing as hooters) and bone daddy's (worse than hooters) every block. And they are considered family friendly restaurants.

Evangelical christians make up approximately 1/3 of the radio stations here, and 1/6 of the TV stations.

Cattle drives still take place in the middle of the street. (okay, just downtown Fort Worth at the stockyards, which are pretty awesome.)

Ribs = amazing!!

Drivers seem fairly laid back and so it takes a while for people to go when the light turns green.

They sell key limes at the grocery store. Maybe since we share the gulf they are easy to get?

There are like, 5 million power companies here and you can pick and choose what you want.

Ed hardy is apparently the state sponsor of clothes. I have literally seen their stuff in just about every single store. Also, the girl in front of us in church (by girl i mean 12-14 year old) was doodling his name on a notepad during sacrament meeting. I guess i just don't get it.

The lower the lakes get, the more our water starts to taste like fish.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grapevine Texas!

After a 20-ish hour trip down from Michigan (with the cat sitting in his litter box the entire time--it was clean :) ) Peter and I are finally here! With a temperature of somewhere in the 100s, we unpacked our entire apartment with the assistant of one of Peter's friends from home, a couple from the ward, and the local elders. And as you can see, Peter is enjoying taking it easy in our air-conditioned apartment.
Our trash days are Monday and Thursday, and we accidentally slept in past trash pick up. So thank goodness we have 2 bedrooms! And much to the dismay of the cat, they are gone as of this morning.
This is where he spends much of his time, under the bed, being a stink.

Here is our lovely dining room/nook, and I am a little nervous at the prospect of it being over carpet in that, according to Peter and the hospital records, if it is breakable or spillable I will be the one to do it.

Our kitchen! So wonderful, lots of cabinet space.
Drumroll please . . . . and a DISHWASHER!!! Hallelujah! I think we have been using extra dishes just because we know we don't have to wash them. Also in this corner are three of my other favorite things. 1) My kitchenaid. Enough said. 2) The greek owl tile from Peter's grandparents house. Trish told me that her mother always told her that it is considered lucky to have an owl in the kitchen, and there he will stay. 3) The garden gnome. He mostly lives here because Peter does not really want him anywhere else, but I adore him!
Here is our bathroom, pre-curtain rod. (They brought it today) And as hot as it is here, we don't get much cold water from the tap. But the shower is huge and so it is great.
Our beautiful bedroom, complete with new mattress. bed frame, and duvet cover. I love it! We got a memory foam and it really is like the most comfy thing in the world. Also some rad things in this room include a framed picture of Peter as a baby and his little teddy bear that his mom let me take with me. The picture is killer and he has the fattest cutest cheeks ever.
For the most part, that is our apartment. No big Texas bugs yet, or any other crazy things. I hope you guys can come visit! (we will even let you try out the memory foam)